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At Chabad of Auburn, our mission is to create a vibrant Jewish community where everyone, regardless of background or level of observance, feels welcome, valued, and inspired. We aim to provide authentic Jewish experiences, education, and resources to enrich the lives of all who walk through our doors.

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  • Who Was Lilith?The mystery proto-woman, who provides us the path towards humankind 2.0 Read More
  • Our Daughter's Finger Was SavedThe plastic surgeon managed to reattach the fingertip and wrapped it in a large bandage. He warned m... Read More
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Moses, it is written, was the most humble of all men. Obviously, he knew who he was. He knew that of all men, he alone was chosen to accomplish the greatest tasks of history—to lead an entire nation out from bondage and bring them to the greatest revelation that would ever be. He was the loftiest of all prophets, who spoke directly to G‑d whenever he wished. He knew all this and yet he was humble. Because Moses told himself, “This is not my own achievement. This is what I have done with the powers G‑d has gifted me. Certainly, had someone else been given these same powers, that someone else would...
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